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Self-Control / ADHD Play Therapy Game Package

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  • Suitable for play therapy, child therapy, school counseling and many other educational environments
  • Offers a nice variety of tools for working with children who have ADHD and challenges related to self-control
  • Suitable for children in elementary school and middle school
  • Economical way to add additional counseling and educational tools to your collection

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- Stop, Think, and Go Bears Self-Control Game: This fun and challenging game is designed to help children with problems in impulse control. As players move their red, green and yellow pawns, they learn to see the consequences of their actions, to `brainstorm` solutions to common problems and to develop positive behavioral habits that reflect self- discipline and a concern for others.

- Remote Control Impulse Control: Recent research strongly indicates that impulsive children have difficulty (1) learning from past mistakes, (2) reflecting on the potential consequences of their actions, and (3) inhibiting dominant responses (impulses) in order to initiate subdominant responses (appropriate behavior).
The Remote Control Impulse Control game is a set of four card games that address these findings by focusing on three essential skills for inhibiting impulsivity:
- STOP and redirect behavior.
- REWIND and learn from past mistakes.
- FAST FORWARD and think ahead about potential consequences.

- In Control: A Book of Games to Teach Self-Control Skills: This book of six games helps children keep cool under any circumstances. The colorful game board is bound into the middle of the spiral-bound book, ready to be used for play. The six games in this book take a multi-modal approach to teaching self-control skills. Each game concentrates on a specific skill, including:
- Controlling Emotions
- Controlling Impulses
- Using Positive Self-talk
- Organizing and Planning
- Concern for Others
- Social Entry

- The Impulse Control Game: The Impulse control Game is an educational and therapeutic board game designed to help children with ADD, ADHD, and other conditions involving impulse control problems. Learning to stop and think is a good start, but effective control of impulses requires the acquisition of specific skills.
The game teaches seven specific skills that have been proven in the research literature to help impulsive children control their impulses, make good decisions, and avoid actions that are detrimental to themselves and others.

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