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Brain Mates: An interactive CBT tool for kids & teens

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  • Fun and engaging activity for wide range of clients
  • Includes 8 Brain Mates: Power Brain, Worry Brain, Stuck Brain, Trauma Brain, Smart Brain, Mean Brain, Flex Brain, and Angry Brain
  • 64 question cards, 8 for each brain
  • Directions and suggested activities included

Brain Mates is a fun and engaging activity to help children and teens identify, explore, and gain control over different parts of their cognition and thinking patterns. The eight Brain Mates represent different parts of human thinking, both positive and negative. Suitable for most clients, Brain Mates can be especially helpful with children and adolescents who struggle with self-esteem, behavior, anxiety, anger, negative thinking patterns, trauma reactions, or inflexibility. Suitable for children, adolescents, and young adults.

Brain Mates includes: 8 Brain Meet Me Cards, 1 Blank Brain Meet Me Card, 8 Question Cards for each brain, 12 Blank Brain Question Cards, Directions and Suggested Activities.


Share a time when you used Flex Brain.

Think of a time you were recently upset. Now use Smart Brain to put those feelings into words and practice asking for help.

Make a list of three calm down skills that Power Brain can use when needed.

In a kind, confident voice, practice using Power Brain to talk back to a problematic Brain Mate.

What are your Angry Brain’s favorite things to get mad about?

Share a time Stuck Brain had a hard time letting go of an idea or plan.

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