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Don't Be Difficult Revised Edition (a board game for oppositional-defiant children)

Product Number : 631171400

  • Explore the consequences for both positive and negative choices
  • Helps kids discover the difference between the Hard Way and the Right Way
  • Includes game board, cards, 6-sided die, pawns and tokens
  • Best for ages 7-12

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Don't Be Difficult: A game to help children consider the consequences of both positive and negative choices.

For 2-6 players, ages 7-12.

A game for children with oppositional and defiant behaviors. This new game helps children experience the difference between the 'Hard Way' and the 'Right Way' to behave. As children go around the board, they might find themselves on the hard road, a convoluted path that goes nowhere. To get off the hard road and back onto the right road, they have to earn positive emotional currency in the form of kindness, trust, respect, cooperation, and affection. The game includes a Game Board, 1 6 Sided Die, 6 Pawns, 100 Tokens, and Game Cards.


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